My name is Lars Gorzelak Pedersen. I’m 39, Danish, and was born in the City of Struer on Jutland’s West Coast. I currently live in the City of Herning, roughly in the centre of Jutland.

A person living in Herning is called a “herningenser” – that is, a Herningensian – and any Herningesian, if he or she gets the chance, will let you know that Herning’s foremost characteristic is that the city is “driftig” – meaning enterprising or industrious. Herning, in other words, bears few resemblances to The Shire. Or any other place on Middle-earth, for that matter.

But then, appearances can be deceiving.

My relationship with the fiction of Tolkien is complex. With regards to lore and language, I am what you would call a “noob”, and will probably remain so. I can’t honestly say that I’m all that interested in the differences between Sindarin and Quenya. (Although I am interested in people who find those differences interesting.)

I did not immediately fall in love with the books either. My first attempt at reading Fellowship, when I went to public school, was aborted after only a few chapters. I preferred Dragonlance Chronicles.  But I was fascinated by my big brother’s macabre Lord of the Rings poster, and was intrigued by the minimalist design on the covers of the LOTR books in the school library.

The aesthetics surrounding Tolkien’s fiction still accounts for much of my Tolkien fascination. Tolkien publications, I think, are often exceptionally beautiful.

How I came to enjoy Tolkien’s work – and what I came to like about it – is the subject of a longer essay, and maybe some day I’ll summon the energy to write it. Suffice it to say that Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy laid the foundation for a Tolkien fascination that has lasted since 2001.

I am by no means an indiscriminate collector, but I do own a small collection of Tolkien-related items and publications. Now, books about Tolkien are of course abundant. Therefore, I’m very picky about what books I buy, and my rigorously enforced criteria are these: for a publication to be added to my collection, 1) I must either really, really like it, or 2) it must be really, really cheap. Sadly, in Tolkien’s case, criteria no. 2 is rarely fulfilled.

The main purpose of this blog is to provide interested readers with information about selected Tolkien publications – such as cover scans, descriptions of content, and the odd review.  I occasionally also do watercolours and drawings of Tolkien motifs, which I am happy to post here. The approximately 10% of them who turn out ok, that is.

I can be contacted at gorzelak@gmail.com.