The Mythology of Middle-earth (Thames and Hudson 1977)

I ordered this interesting-looking tome via Amazon’s marketplace for the princely sum of £0.01. The description did not state that it was a library book and so I was a little annoyed when I saw the poor state of the dust jacket. Having removed it, however, I found that the book actually looks much smarter without it.

The Mythology of Middle-earth is written by Ruth S. Noel, aka Ruth Helen Swycaffer Noel, who is also the author of The Languages of Tolkien’s Middle-earth and a number of science fiction novels under her pseudonym, Atanielle Annyn Noël. Browsing through its pages I can see references to Plato, Russian folk litterature, and Ra the Sun God, so this should make for an interesting read.

The text is divided into chapters: Themes, Places, Beings, and Things. There is also an Introduction, a Glossary, a Bibliography, and an Index.

Hardback. 198 pages.


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